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I'm using a timer to limit how long a missile exists. I want to be able to adjust this based on the quality of the weapon used.
scene structure is area2d/timer.


extends Area2D

var vel = Vector2()
var pos = Vector2()

func _ready():
    $range_timer.wait_time = world.missile_stats["range"]
    print( str($range_timer.wait_time) )

func _on_range_timer_timeout():

This does print out the waittime I set, but the missile lives for the amount of time that is set in the GUI's node inspector.
I have also tried to adjust with a local variable and fixed float/int values, tried setting the node inspector value to 0.0 and tried the older code of .set
wait_time() (which is not valid code any more.)

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Is your timer set to autostart? Disable that and add $range_timer.start() after you set the wait_time.

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I should have thought of that. ...but won't forget it now!! Thank you very much!!

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I think the proper setter of wait time should be

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