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Hi Godot community.

I am starting my first steps in Godot. I would like to continue using GDScript, but I realized I would like Visual Studio code as my external editor, with the "Godot Tool" enable.

In order to do that:
- I installed Godot Engine Mono version
- I installed Mono
- I instaled VSCore

However, trying to configure Godot, I found this two pages in the documentation:
This one tells me only to switch my editor in the Mono section at the button. I did, but when I open a script, it still opens the Godot Script Editor.
This one tells me to change the text editor. I just put the path, and it opens VScode but no the code itself in it.

I am a little lost right now. Did you try to do this? Could you please give me a hand?

Thank you :)

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Make sure you are using {project} --goto {file}:{line}:{col} in the Exec Flags path and have the Visual Marketplace Godot Extensions added to VSCode if you are opening GDscript.

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Really thank you, this worked.

Thanks, this makes thing much easier.

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