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I'm new to Godot and I'm having a lot of problems with making some things right. When facing a problem I try first to Google it and find answer. But what I find is mostly either outdated (for Godot 2) or putted code without much of explanation. Then I would like to propose making official tutorial page, where would be all tutorials put. I'm thinking about something like Defold have in tutorial page - they show how to make basic platformer, snake etc. Every single step explained. And having it on official site would make it whole easier to access, easier to spot something unexplained or outdated. What do you think about something like that? Tutorials made by community, checked by Godot devs and other users?

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It's a great idea, I used to hang at COnstruct site (Scirra.com) and liked the point system, it makes you feel involved, I even made a tutorial.

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The Official Docs are full of useful tutorials, organized by topic in the sidebar. In addition, the Step by step section introduces lots of information about how to use the engine, including a full beginner-level game, "Dodge the Creeps".

Content is regularly being added here. For example, the 3D FPS tutorial has a PR that was just posted, and the "Using KinematicBody2D" tutorial was recently added.

Finally, this page contains a list of community tutorials, both text- and video-based.

If you have a specific tutorial idea or request, the best thing you can do is post an issue for discussion on the godot-docs Github repository.

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