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I’ve already implemented noise algorithms in the past with other languages, but before I get going and reinvent the wheel one more time, I wanted to know if some of you knew about libraries/plugins/addons that can produce different types of noises (simplex, perlin, etc.) with multiple dimensions (2D to 4 D ideally). I don’t necessarily want to export the data in a texture, but if they already offer such a feature then it’s also appreciated.

My last coding endeavours were done in Swift amd Apple did a very good job at implementing all kinds of noise algorithms. Even though I got very frustrated by their half functional frameworks, I find myself longing for a similar feature in Godot.

Any pointers before I get started in that direction?


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There is a noise shaders addon someone made in the asset library, but I've never used it or done anything with noise generation so can't speak to the quality of it:

I had seen it already, but since it’s shader based, I’m not sure it is exactly what I’m looking for. I’ll dig into it.

I’ve also found a FastNoise and OpenSimplex implementation for godot, but it requires to recompile godot, which I’m not too sure how yet.

I think there's a Noise function which was written in GDnative that you may only need to drop into place, or may only require a small static library.

I'll look into it! Still trying to figure out what GDNative actually is... Is it a scripting language in its own? or it's just a way to build wrappers for other libraries?

If I recall, GDnative is a way of calling functions from a pre-compiled library. It can be used to bind to other languages, though.

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