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Had to do a clean install of my OS and all my stuff. Backed up my projects right before.

Now, whenever I try to run a scene, the game starts very briefly, then shuts down. The Output window shows an error:

drivers\windows\streampeertcp_winsock.cpp:203 - Server disconnected!

I tried to search for more information about this error, haven't had much luck. Godot has an exception to get through the firewall, and should have full access, so I'm not sure what else this could mean.

Combined with my other post-reinstall issue (another question), this is basically making it impossible to do any work on my game at all.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Hi Gamerkat, I got the same error and couldn't tell where it came from.

Like you, it happened when switching computer, running the exact same project on the same version of Godot (3.0.2 stable). Godot would crash, even my wallpaper went off.

My game is packed with frame by frame animations, making the computer memory cough loud. In the end I could solve this issue by optimizing those animations. So it was a performance issue.

Hope that could help Godot's development or fellow game designers ;)

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