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var paths = []
const path_dir="res://Paths"

func _ready():

func random_path():
    return paths[randi()% paths.size()]

func loadPaths():
    var dir =
    var files =dir.get_next()

    while files!="":
        var path = load(path_dir+ files)
        if path && caminho is Curve2D:  
        file =dir.get_next()

What I'm doing wrong?

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2 Answers

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If the error is pointing at return paths[randi()% paths.size()], the problem is that you are trying to modulo paths.size() which is zero.

If you're using 3.0.2, there was a problem with the operators reported by that error. I reported it here: It's been fixed in the latest master and will be correct in 3.0.3.

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I am not familiar with your code but shouldn't it be files rather than file in the second last line i.e files = dir.get_next()

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