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Is it possible to change collision shapes/polygons at runtime?

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Yes it's possible, however modifying ShapeNode won't work in this case (at current moment in 2.0 it's just a helper for body.)
You can do this by using interface that is provided by CollisionBody object, you can use following methods:

void add_shape( Shape shape, Transform transform=Transform() )
int get_shape_count() 
void set_shape( int shape_idx, Shape shape )
void remove_shape( int shape_idx )
void clear_shapes()

Usually I'm doing this by adding every possible shape (that I might want to use) to the scene, and then in ready:

    #setting default shape
    var defaultShape = shape get_node("DefaultShape").get_shape();

This is the way how you can change collision shape of a body at any time in runtime.

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At the moment I'm not 100% sure if it's necessary to use get_shape() on ShapeNode -> it's very possible that you can use ShapeNode directly with add_shape

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