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In gdscript, I know that I can get a character from a specific location using something like this:

var string = "Hello"
print(string[3])        # prints "l"

In python, we can use:




to get the first 4 characters, or "Hell".

Is there a way to do this on gdscript as well?

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2 Answers

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There is talk of this being added in Godot 3.1.

See for discussion as well as workarounds.

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Like this:


Here the full String Class Doc :-D

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I've been looking for this for almost 2-3 hours. :))
so how do we delete the first 4

string = string.left(4)

sorry, incorrect. please ignore.

I asked myself while reading this. I had some alcohol yesterday. What did you do last night, I said to myself. Then looking at history :)))

? i don't understand what you're saying

nevermind. I use google translation. English is not my native language

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