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My game (which is mostly made out of 2D frame by frame animations) is lagging when playing. I am trying to optimize the project settings but I don't know which options would make the game run smoother...

for example, what does that means ? :

"disable Stdout"
"Framebuffer allocation :   2D without sampling"

is there a guide somewhere that goes through the different options in the project settings ?

thanks !

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Actually, the game wasn't lagging at all ! I used "printfps" (project settings > debug > settings > print fps) and it showed me the game was running at 60 fps. My animations are supposed to run at 12.5 fps, so it was way fast enough.

Then I saw that I could speed up my animation speed :

animationplayer sprite's settings > playback options > speed

So, the fps shown in the animated sprites' SpriteFrames is not used at all ?
In the animationplayer's sprite settings, I can speed up or speed down my animations, but how many fps is speed 1 ?

It's quite confusing, really... :/
(PS: I'm an animator, not a programmer)

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I asked on the IRC. There ain't such a guide....... yet.
But all I can tell you is turn Vsync on. It reduced the lag on my game.

As for the options you asked, search them online you will find the answer.

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