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I compared these pages:

Can anybody explain why so many functions are not there anymore? I want to use the surfacegetmaterial() function, but it doesn't exist in 3.0.

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The methods are still there, they have just been moved to a different class. As you can see on the '3.0' version of the mesh type, there are now two classes inheriting from it, 'ArrayMesh' and 'PrimitiveMesh'. 'Mesh' is now an abstract class. The methods you are looking for are now part of the 'ArrayMesh' type.
It makes more sense logically, this way it is now possible to have multiple different mesh types such as ArrayMesh for imported models etc, PrimitiveMesh for builtin primitive types and possible other future ones with some shared functionality.

TL;DR: The methods are still there, they are now located in the 'ArrayMesh' class.

I hope that I could help you :)

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But my mesh is not part of a meshinstance. It's a render pass of a particles node.

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