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So, hi everyone. During the development of my project I've encountered an issue. Basically, I can't figure out how to import animations for a 3D model. Tutorials I've seen didn't help. I know the problem seems quite generical, but do you have any advices?

(I'm using Fuse to create models and the Mixamo site to animate them)

Thanks in advance.

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The animations should be exported/imported along with the model. If there are animations present in your 3D scenes, Godot will add an AnimationPlayer node to your scene which will contain said animations. Godot supports OBJ Wavefront, Collada and GLTF files for importing meshes (as well as a custom Blender->Godot Exporter but this obviously does not help you).
I am not entirely sure what Mixamo exports to but a quick glimpse on Fuse's websites takes me to believe that it does support Collada (.dae) files so you'll likely want to go with this one.
More info on the import workflow of Godot is available on the official documentation.

Should there be any questions, please don't hesitate to ask :)

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Well thanks for answering in an exhaustive manner, so that it covers my argument perfectly.

Now, I'd like to know: since I installed the Better Collada Plugin for Blender, is it legitimate to download the model from Mixamo and then import it In Blender? If so, I could then export it back in Better Collada.

Thanks in advance.

Theoretically that is possible, yes. To me that kind of feels like an additional step though unless Mixamo's COLLADA exporter isn't working correctly.
Try to import the COLLADA file exported by Mixamo first before through an additional step in there.

I exported a collada (.dae) from Mixamo, but my character body which have multiple materials applyed broke, like I pointed in this forum topic:

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