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How can I edit my InputMap with code? I cannot see any examples in the doc.Or there is some examples which I missed?

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3 Answers

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Never used it but I think it'll go like this:

func _ready():
    InputMap.action_add_event("my_action", event)

See InputMap singleton documentation for other methods on how to modify input map.

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Thank you. But what I confused in is how to set an InputEvent binding a key like "KEY_A" so that when I press the "A" key it can feedback the action Input.is_action_pressed("A").
Here is the Input singleton of the document:

var ev =
ev.set_as_action("move_left", true)

Still not understand how to do it.

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OK. I got the answer in the forum.

var ev =
ev.scancode = KEY_A
InputMap.action_add_event("ui_a", ev)
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Working on a plugin in Godot 4.0.1 so here is an update:

var key =
key.physical_keycode = KEY_W
InputMap.action_add_event("__custom_action", key)

In my editor plugin context it's also advisable to clean up the action. But that's probably not the case for a game.


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