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Hi all,

I'm new to Godot and i'm making at the moment a exporter from Houdini to Godot.
In Houdini i haven't got a Collada Exporter so i was thinking to make a exporter that creates TSCN (ESCN) Files.
Whats also possible is to export as FBX but i'm not a fan of FBX so i don't want to invest time in to this.
Whats at the moment open is GLTF i'm not sure when Houdini gets a build in Support i'm speculating for H17 that's in some months.

Is it possible to create a full Character Setup (Bones and Geometry) in a TSCN File?

Whats also on my list:
Are there Default Shader Setup where i just can use as a Template?
.anim File Format Specification?
Is there a official File Format for Instancing?

What i have done at the moment: Current Exporter
Note: i fixed the instancing setup after the video was made for loading faster dynamically instanced Objects (no more preload function for fast load)

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