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i want to check how far into an animation my node is. as an example, i want to check for button input during the last 2 out of 6 frames of an animation, so i can transition into another animation. if the input is true AND the animationplayer has reached a certain point at the current animation, i want to transition into another animation.
how do i check if i reached a specific time/frame during an animation?

is the seek() member function of the animationplayer node for this kind of things? i could not find an explanation online what the seek() function does.

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If you are using an AnimationPlayer to change the frame of a Sprite, you can easily check which frame the Sprite is on using its frame attribute.

For example:

if anim_player.current_animation == "fire" and sprite.frame in [4, 5]:
    if Input.is_action_just_pressed("attack"):
        # do something

This is probably easier than building function calls into your animations to change bools.

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thank you, this is exactly what i was looking for.
i marked your reply as best answer and will refactor my code.
thank you again!

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ok now i have added a function call in the animationplayer setting a bool. i hope this works out.

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this solution worked. i just set a function call at the desired time and switched a bool to true. at the start i have set a function call to switch the bool to false. sometimes you gotta squeeze your brain.

It's wonderful that you figured out the question. Though is there any way you can show some of your code? ;)

It is still spaghetti code at this point and i doubt that it could help anybody out, but User Diet Estus' solution is now what does the job in a more elegant way than it was before.
Sorry for late reply, went on vacation.

All's well that ends well, I guess.

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