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I have compiled the Engine with the following details:

Git commit: cfcb6e11f25adb13177ba08777263288a5ec6f61 (master, 07/21/2018)
OS: Kubuntu 18.04
Compiler: gcc 7.3.0 / llvm 6.0
Command: scons platform=x11 target=release_debug tools=yes -j 4

Unfortunately the compiled binary size is 139 mb. This is rather big compared to the 5.0.5 binary that is downloadable from the homepage.

Is someone else experiencing this issue too?

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why do you need a small binary?

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Try to recompile with the following command:

scons platform=x11 target=release_debug tools=yes debug_symbols=no -j 4

Notice debug_symbols=no option that tells Scons not to include debug symbols which should result in a smaller executable, or add separate_debug_symbols=yes if you need them for debugging purposes I suppose.

You can disable some other stuff from the build by taking a look at the output of scons -h, I think you could turn off some modules that you don't actually need.

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Thx works great!

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