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Does Godot support isometric multi-layering? I am making a isometric game with concepts of mountains and valleys that the rolling entities can pathfind around.
enter image description here
The blue entity can move from the ground layer to the next layer (the one encircled in red). I could fix this by cutting its navmesh around its corners (the one encircled in blue). This however is too much as I have do define duplicate tiles and give each duplicate a separate and unique navmesh.
How would one create an isometric map with multiple layers and on those layers, there is proper collision if the entity is on the same layer or 2 layers above, and if the entity is one layer above, it can path on its navmesh. It will not sense the collision if its one layer above.

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I managed to solve my own problem by placing them into different layers. The blue entity can move freely but to climb the next layer, it must use a ramp. I also removed some nav meshed-tiles and replaced them with the same tiles, but with collision instead.

I'm interested in this. I want to make an isometric TBS system that also uses height differences but so far I've had little luck with it. How'd you implement the height differences?

I separate the tilemaps into layers. One layer has the ground floor, like the tiles encircled in blue, and the next layer is encircled in red. The tiles directly underneath the red have no pathfinding and are just collisions. It works well with pathfinding but it might bug out if I try to control the entity manually. I still have to fix that part.

I'm more interested in your ramp function :) What you just described in how I'm able to make single plane to move around in, but switching to the second layer is where I'm getting stuck.

Are you using it manually or by means of pathfinding? I managed to make it work in pathfinding. I still have to adjust the code to be able to control it manually. It seems that pathfinding AI ignore collision.

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