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Godot supports Voxel Graphics and or Isometric objects? Would one be able to import objects such from BLENDER to use in Godot?

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I made this volume renderer addon that renders volumetric data. However I have yet to make a voxel importer. I'm not sure of what format the voxel data should be in and let alone parse the voxel data out of it.

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Godot doesn't really support voxel data. The closest to this is 3D textures, which are coming in 3.1 but still require some shader work to render as visible voxels (and doesn't include physics etc).

You can polygonize models and import them in Godot though. If Blender lets you export it as a mesh (OBJ or COLLADA), then it should work. Many users have also been successful at making art in MagickaVoxel and exporting it as a mesh usable in Godot, for example.

For a dynamic voxel system, I made this module a while ago, but it's experimental, I don't work on it currently and needs to recompile the engine:

Godot supports isometric 2D tilemaps and orthogonal 3D cameras, but I'm not sure if that's exactly what you mean.

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