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First at all, let me tell you how amazed and happy i am about this engine.
Second, i just get started and I can not access the node mesh instance. What i really want to get is the AABB of the mesh.
- I know that MeshInstance comes from node, but i am unable to cast it from Node -> MeshInstance. If this kind of cast is posible, how we can do this?

  • Is there a Node method that retrieve me the mesh instance or AABB?

  • I do not want to extend from MeshInstance in my script. i need to be extended by Node.

Thank you very much.

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here's easiest way.

add child MeshInstance to your node. and your code will be like this.

var aabb = get_node("myMeshInstance").get_aabb()
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Yes thats it! Thank you very much!

then, select my answer please ^-^

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