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I posted the "Frustrated Newbie" earlier today. The suggestion was to use the official GODOT tutorials. I did that already, following them explicitly, but was not seeing on my screen what was supposed to be there. I started over a couple of times and still getting same result. At this point I would be happy to pay someone who is knowledgable in GODOT to assist me in getting over the startup hump. Thank you!

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It would be easier to help you if you were more specific about your problem. What was "supposed to be there" that you didn't see? There are many common mistakes that beginners make, so it's likely that you could get an answer quickly if you shared what exactly is happening.

Also head to discord, people there will be able to help you on your learning process, and be patient with yourself too, this kind of tools can be a bit overwhelming at first.

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This video tutorial help me to get started, nothing fancy but it did help me understand how the engine works. Covers creating a simple character, controls and scene.

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Listen to kidscancode. You can also search him on youtube. I'm really glad to see he is trying to help you.

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