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I am modifying the Godot template for navigation. I want to put a camera that follows the sprite that follows the path. But at the moment I set the camera as "current" navigation begins to fail.

I intend to make a point and click game with side-scrolling.

Thats te node structure:

   |_ path (sprite)
   |_ navpoly
   |_ agent (sprite)

And that's the code ho extends de first node:

extends Navigation2D
# Member variables
const SPEED = 200.0

var begin = Vector2()
var end = Vector2()
var path = []

func _process(delta):
        if (path.size() > 1):
            var to_walk = delta*SPEED
            while(to_walk > 0 and path.size() >= 2):
                var pfrom = path[path.size() - 1]
                var pto = path[path.size() - 2]
                var d = pfrom.distance_to(pto)
                if (d <= to_walk):
                    path.remove(path.size() - 1)
                    to_walk -= d
                    path[path.size() - 1] = pfrom.linear_interpolate(pto, to_walk/d)
                    to_walk = 0

            var atpos = path[path.size() - 1]

            if (path.size() < 2):
                path = []

func _update_path():
    var p = get_simple_path(begin, end, true)
    path = Array(p) # Vector2array too complex to use, convert to regular array


func _input(event):
    if (event.type == InputEvent.MOUSE_BUTTON and event.pressed and event.button_index == 1):
        begin = get_node("agent").get_pos()
        # Mouse to local navigation coordinates
        end = event.pos - get_pos()

func _ready():
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it seems the problem is that only recognizes the part that is visible when loading the polygon navigation

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What's probably happening is the camera's transform is throwing off the coordinates coming from your click action.

in your _input function, change

end = event.pos - get_pos()


end = get_viewport_transform().affine_inverse().xform( event.global_pos )

If that doesn't work, try using pos vs global_pos, or including your - get_pos() offset.

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The getviewporttransform() method works perfectly! Thank you so much.

This works. Syntax has changed since 3.0, global_pos is replaced by global_position :

end = get_viewport_transform().affine_inverse().xform( event.global_position )
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