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I have a BossTrigger node that I'm using to trigger introductory animations in my Boss nodes. The trigger is essentially just an Area2D. In my boss room, I want to place a BossTrigger and associate that trigger with a Boss that is also in that room.

Currently, in my BossTrigger script, I have

export(NodePath) var associated_boss

I then manually assign my boss to the trigger in the editor.

Unfortunately, when my player enters the trigger and my on_trigger_entered() function is called, I'm getting an error that there's no index 'animation_player' on base 'NodePath'. I'm certain my boss has an variable called animation_player, so I'm not sure what the issue could be.

Any ideas?

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If you are exporting NodePath then you have to use that as argument for get_node

export(NodePath) var associated_boss
var boss = get_node(associated_boss)
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It's obvious in hindsight. Thanks!

This was very helpful to me--thank you so much!

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Hey, well NodePath is just a path to the node, is meant to be used with get_node().
I'd say try using export(Node) var associated_boss instead... that or some other type, not sure.
You could always use get_node() if it doesn't work but it should.

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You can't use Node as export argument.

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