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we have 2 scripts for "player" node, how can we select one of them for "player" node before loading the scene? for example we have 2 modes and if user switches to mode one, "player" node uses script 1 and if user switches to mode two, "player" node uses script 2 thanks :)

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The common way to deal with this in games is to have two copies. One player node with ScriptA and a copy with ScriptB.

Now When Mode 1 is selected the player object with ScriptA is enabled.
Mode 2 is selected then the player copy with ScriptB is active.

This is actually very common in games, for example a character shown in the inventory is a copy of the one in game, without all the walking code and that attached.

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Hi MysteryGM...
I thought maybe we have a better way for doing this, Thank you for clarifying :)

Would this method be effective for a turn-based RPG when you choose an action for a character to perform?

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