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I had just finished a Text Interface Engine (GodotTIE) I've been working for the last couple of days. It's nothing fancy, but it has some nice features:

(quoting from my overenthusiastic Git page)
"- Control the velocity in which the text is going to be displayed! (Even text dialogues can have emotions!)
- Adjust visually the Interface size, so it can fit it in any Dialogue box you want! The script will handle the maximum number of lines and characters!
- Buffer texts, inputs, and breaks in the Dialogue, with easy to use methods!
- Control the Dialogue flow from the outside with the available user signals!
- Use tags on specific parts of your text! (In a RPG, you may want to show specific animations during certain parts of the dialogue; e.g. a "!" question mark popup in the head of a character in one of the moments of the dialogue)
- User scroll friendly; Log all the text printed; auto-clip words; and more!"

I tried to create an "universal" dialogue box (mainly to serve some of the complex RPG Dialogue Boxes must-have); all these features can be customized any way you want. I tried making the code as readable as I could, too.

I made a very simple video showing the demos I created for it, but as soon as I create a more fancier demo, I'll update it.

YouTube Video:

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Nice demo! Will be useful.

that looks great, but,
how to use it? :s
I'm a godot newb, creating an rpg, and I don't know how to use that textinterface and its script... Could you explain it a bit?

I've got tears in my eyes from reading your beautiful song.

3 Answers

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That's look amazing and useful! :D Thank you for making this one.

By the way, What's your preferred way to store texts and dialogue for such heavily-text style of game like RPG/Novel? Store it in external text files and call them by gd script? or just include the dialogs in the gd script right away?

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Thanks for the comment, I'm glad people are willing to use it, hahaha.
Well, in the case of a text-based game, I think the best option would be to use external text files, and just create a parser script in GDScript to retrieve the dialogue you want and create the text buffer for you. In that way, you wouldn't need to keep updating the code with the more cumbersome methods; you just edit the text, and that's it.

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My recommendation is to keep going with this interesting idea! I like that there is a experimental addon that can be easily added to the game engine, and chances are is that this addon is much more useful.

: )

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Thanks! As soon as Godot 2.1 goes live with the Addon feature, I'm planning to update it with some other features that can possibly be useful, haha.

I'm already using it as an asset in the new 2.1 and it's working great, i've added a function called "translate()" to change all strings in the buffer to their tranlated alternative cause i'm working on a multilanguage VN so i need the strings to be translated before starting to type hehe. Amazing work, you saved me days of doing something similar!.

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Buen trabajo amigo. Espero que se implemente en la siguiente version

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