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I'm using a script to extend the capabilities of the "AnimatedSprite" node so I can do things like choose special durations to specific frames, or signal when a certain frame of a certain animation is reached. I'll refer to the scripts that defines those methods and signals "Sprite.gd". I also would like to implement in a script attached to the AnimatedSprite node the animations for each individual sprite (player, enemy1, enemy2, etc.), using the methods defined in Sprite.gd.

How can I make so that some AnimatedSprite nodes inherit the methods from my Sprite.gd, while still having a specific script attached to them (e.g.: PlayerAnimation.gd, EnemyAnimation.gd, etc.)? Can I "extends Sprite.gd" or something like that? Or maybe define a new custom node that extends AnimatedSprite and adds my custom methods, and then extend my custom node on the individual sprites?

Thank you :)

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Sure, you just extend by the path

// PlayerAnimation.gd
extends "res://path/to/Sprite.gd"

func _ready():

KidsCanCode did a tutorial on inheritance in Godot 3.0 earlier this year.

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