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I want to play sound on all scenes and define singleton class. In my class there is dynamically instanced AudioStreamPlayer object. But the sound doesn't play on Android devices. There is no problem on iOS devices. I attached my code snippet to below. Can you suggest any idea?

Thank you.

extends Node

var music_player

func _ready():
    var music_file = "res://Sounds/BackgroundSound.ogg"
    var stream = AudioStream.new()
    music_player = AudioStreamPlayer.new()
    if File.new().file_exists(music_file):
        var music = load(music_file)
        music_player.stream = music
        music_player.bus = "MusicBus"
        var bus_idx = AudioServer.get_bus_index("MusicBus")
        AudioServer.set_bus_mute(bus_idx, true)

func music_play_or_stop():
    var bus_idx = AudioServer.get_bus_index("MusicBus")
    AudioServer.set_bus_mute(bus_idx, !UserInfo.music_on)

func sounds_play_or_stop():
    var bus_idx = AudioServer.get_bus_index("SoundBus")
    AudioServer.set_bus_mute(bus_idx, !UserInfo.sound_on)
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I had the opposite problem with a previous version of godot, maybe it can help...
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