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How would you go about making a custom minimap for a 2D game?

I want to make a custom minimap with specific icons for each group. For example a red dot for enemies, a blue for pickups and so on.
And since the enemy will be moving around I need the map to update probably every half second (each frame is overkill but is probably the same code or less, thinking of performance)
How would I go about this?

  • Making a scanner (circle Area2D for circular map) that scan for entering bodies, but also have to update ever so often, and get their position to send to a generated HUD minimap?
  • Make a new scene and overlap, with each dot linked somehow to it's respecting game object, and use Viewport to overlap in the HUD?
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I did just this in my project. To see how, you can reference the mini_map* files here. Sorry the scenes are still scn. I'm working out a few other things before I switch my files to tscn.

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Can you give a more detailed answer?

There are many nuances in ways you can do a minimap.
I think he meant you to open his project to see all the details about how he did it ;)

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