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Rich Text, GDScript can not enter Chinese?!
Make chat rooms, send messages, but can not enter Chinese?!

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You need a font file which contains Chinese characters.

For RichTextLabel

  1. Import > Font
  2. Select font file which has Chinese character at Source Font.
  3. Choose destination folder at Dest Resource.
  4. Choose Character Set > Mode > Unicode
  5. Load imported font file at RichTextLabel > Custom Fonts > Normal Font

For GDScript

1~4. do same 1~4 as above
5. Settings > Editor Settings > Global > Font
6. Load imported font
7. Restart editor

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OK, I can enter Chinese, thank you~

select best answer if all problems are solved. :)

Will the fonts be deployed with the application in the export?

Yes, if it's located anywhere under res://

Thanks. Do you know if it installs the font or if the application loads it independently from the system? Yet I guess the later case is more probable.

We call it as Font, but it's actually image (texture).
Godot imports font as a image, and use it on runtime.
So, it's the later case.

Sorry, I can't input chinese, I'm debian user.

When I paste up text, it show you "\u5982\u4f55\u770b\u5f85\u9aa8\u\u5982\u4f55\u770b\u5f85\u9aa8\u9abc\u52a8\u753b\u7f16\u8f91\u5668".

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