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I created a radio button (ButtonGroup) and it is performing its button jobs well but I can't move a member button of the group from its default vertical placement. Whenever I do that and save the project and run the game, the buttons come back to their default position. How to overcome this problem?

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Do you want to make some space between radio buttons?
Then add MarginContainer between buttons.
And set Min Size of MarginContainer.
This will make some space.

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Actually I don't want them to be in the same vertical/horizontal line. Imagine 3 buttons placed in the 3 vertices of a triangle.

Hello codevanya.

I was having the same problem (wanted to have different position for the radio buttons, and in my case, the radio button had a different icon. I managed to remove the automatic control and leave the buttons where I wanted using a 'Container' under the 'ButtonGroup' and placing the CheckBoxes under the Container.

Like this:




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