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In MonoDevelop, Visual Studio, PyCharm and other editors, you can hold down the CTRL key and middle mouse scroll to enlarge the text while scripting for easier readability. If you're forced to use the script editor in Godot, is there no way to enlarge the text? I'm sure there is, right? I'm probably not looking in the right place... can someone help me figure it out? Thanks!

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Actually, you are not forced to use the script editor in Godot ;)
Go to Settings > Editor settings > External editor
You can choose to use any software you like.

Oh awesome! I didn't know that. Do you use an external editor, and if so, which one? I take it there's no way to make the text larger in Godot's editor then?

I don't use this feature because I like Godot's script editor.
I only used it once, because I wanted to have both my 2D scene and the code displayed at the same time. Then Godot was on my left screen and Notepad++ on the right screen. However, Notepad++ doesn't have any color module nor auto-completion adapted to Godot, it is definitely not the best one to use.
I know Atom has some modules for Godot, but I never used it.

I didn't find any way to change the font size, but maybe someone will! That's why I didn't answer, I just added a comment instead.

Not a problem, and I understand. I don't mind using Godot's script editor either, but not being able to increase the text makes it hard to read after awhile. I really don't think there's a way to do it, but again, I'm new to it and could be overlooking it. Thanks again!

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I found the answer! (but you are not gonna like it...)

You can change the font size, but it will keep that size.
The editor uses a .fnt file to define its font. This file can be created with the import tool. It contains information about the font name, its color, and its size.

  1. Import the font you want to use with the import tool :
  2. Go to Settings > Editor settings > Text editor > Font
  3. Select the .fnt file that you created in 1.

More info here:

Maybe you can make an official request if you want that feature in a future version of Godot:

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Thanks for your help! I guess this will have to do for now. I will definitely make a request and hopefully it can get added. I'm not the greatest developer so trying to code it myself may end up quite a fail :)

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