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I don't confirm the scene tree is which I wanted ,When I add a node or scene to anther node or scene by script. because I can't view scene tree when project running.If I have a mistake that about nodes operation in script, It hard to check it out.

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You can see the scene tree in editor while running your game.

Debugger > Info tab > Refresh icon

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Thanks a million! I didn't know that, it's much easier to use!

I wish @guawoo knows too. :)

yes,I got, It's amazing! thank you very much. :)

Has this moved? In Godot 3.4.2 there doesn't seem to be an Info tab.

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You can use the print_tree()method.
It will print the scene tree in the output view.

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For Godot 3+, once your game is running you can click on the "Remote" tab within the "Scene" tab. You can click on a node and its properties appear in the Inspector tab. If you want those changes to be reflected live, go to the menu and select Debug > Sync Scene Changes.

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Thank you!

That is a beautiful thing! I love this engine!

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