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How set texture size on sprite node, after dynamic load? After texture load size node is resize to texture size.

var image = ("res://assets/images.png")
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The easiest way to do this is to use sprite scale like so:

var image = ('res://assets/images.png')
var scale = Vector2((percent of width), (percent of height))
var this_sprite = get_node("sprite_node")

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If anyone wanted to set size in pixels, then there is how you do it:

var is = get_node("sprite").get_texture().get_size() #image size
var th = 50 #target height
var tw = 100 #target width
var scale = Vector2((is.x/(is.x/tw))/50, (is.y/(is.y/th))/50)

Somehow while those /50, should be logically /100, they shouldn't. For me, it made the sprites twice as small, so when setting /50 it was perfect. Might be different for you.

Just in case someone else is also looking for it in 3.x, its changed to:

var s = Vector2()

s.x = x_scale
s.y = y_scale
$sprite.scale = s
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var sizeto=Vector2(720,1080)
var size=texture.get
var scalevactor=sizeto/size

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You are right, I like it most, but you have some syntax error (at least in Godot 3.4).
Here is the correction

    var sizeto=Vector2(80,80)
    var size=texture.get_size()
    var scale_factor=sizeto/size
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