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Hello .. i want to start using godot and i downloaded it but when i run it i see this

enter image description here

basically every button in the program is blank
i downloaded 64bit windows - but the 32bit windows was similar

please help

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I know someone who had the same issue (but I don't know if he solved it). Does the system console says anything? Is your graphic card recent?

the console says enter image description here

but the downloaded file was just a single file .. is that normal or i need other files .. if i needed other files then why there wasn't any note at the download page?

in the github they had errors in the consol .. some of them mentioned that the problem is win7 .. win8,linux and others work .. anyways i'll try it on vmware to see if anything changes

Just to answer your question "but the downloaded file was just a single file .. is that normal or i need other files ..", it's totally ok, Godot is available with only one file, an executable one.

Maybe a font file missing, don't know which font Godot is using but I'm pretty sure it's a common windows font.

AFAIK, editor has own font embedded.

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