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Hi everyone! I desperately need your help. I have three scenes: a player, a coin, and a Main, which contains both. My problem is to add a label that scores the points when the player collects the coin. I tried in every way, looking also in this section, but there is nothing to do! I just can’t start the score! Anybody could help me, please? :-(

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could you share us the code?

What code? Currently, the only code I've added is the one of the answer below.

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onready var score = $"../CanvasLayer/Score"

func _on_body_entered(body): 
    if body == player:

var score = 0

func add_score(val):
    score += 1
    text = score
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Thank you! ;-)

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Assuming you have a scene looking something like this?
- Main
-- Label
-- Player
-- Coin
--- Area2D
you could do a score like so

var score = 0 #hold the score
func addScore(val): # function to add the score
    score += val # add val to score
    $Label.set_text(score) # Set the text of label to score

func _on_Area2D_area_entered(): # when something enters area2D
    addScore(1) # add 1 to score
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It doesn’t work! :_(

My scene is something like this:

  • Main

-- Player

-- Coin (Area2D)

-- CanvasLayer

--- Score

I tried to insert the function in the Score script, and addScore () first in the coin script, then in the Main script, but nothing happens. In which scripts should I enter the code?

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