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On my scene I have multiple instances of a KinematicBody2D.
This KinematicBody2D represents a toon character and use a child Light2D to append a light halo on the toon body.
The "light" shape is a simple oval placed with offset to the body so it can add light/shadow effect on it. The offset is computed to always stick with a global fake light source origin.
My problem is that on scene other instances of the toon when getting closer get affected by that Light2D (as it's offset placed), it "draws" on their bodies too.
How can you restrict the Light2D to only affect its direct parent node (the KinematicBody2D) and don't leak over other instances ?
I could set a specific z-index for each instance but it seems counter productive as there can be a lot of them at same time on scene.
Any idea how to do that ?

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Has this been solved by now?

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