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Basically I just want to filter my inputs so that only InputEventScreenTouch gets through. However, it seems that all the inputs I do gets filtered. See my code below.
Output shows both INPUT OK and INPUT HELD but the underlying button never gets clicked unless I take off the setinputas_handled() line, what am I doing wrong here?

func _input(event):
controlHold = true
if event is InputEventScreenTouch:
    #other more complex IF conditions here
    controlHold = false
    print('input OK')
if controlHold:
    print('input held')
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2 Answers

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I think its event of type InputEventMouseButton that is screwing my code logic. It gets triggered right after the InputEventScreenTouch events and thus setting flagging the input as handled.

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In project settings General tab, under Display then Window, there are a couple checkboxes under Handheld. One is “Emulate Mouse From Touch.” If this is checked, try unchecking it. I haven’t tested this, but it seems like a logical solution.

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