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I want my game to use the mechanics of turning the world, if specifically the mechanic from the game of fez. The fact is that I do not know how to implement it. Could you explain to me how to do it in Godot?

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Hi. You want to rotate all world except the character? could you give us the tree hierarchy of your scene where you want to achieve this?

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Looking at Fez, I will say it is a 3D game. The camera renders it from the side making it look 2D.

So you can just rotate normally.

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The problem is that it’s not enough to rotate the camera, it’s necessary for the person to get up on the edge of this 3d when turning over.

The trick is to take advantage of what the player sees to confuse them:

The green edges box, is a collision box. By moving collisions, camera and Player you can easily achieve the effect.

A Grid would be used to keep track of the fake 2D X axis.

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