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Edit: I uploaded the project scenes to here:

Hello! I have a game project that I was making in Windows 7 and now I had to move it for Linux because my hard drive with Windows "broke". The project was not in Windows drive but I was using windows to do it.

I copied the project folder to my Linux home partition. When I was using windows, the project was missing 2 files. I would fix it but before I fix the hard drive "broke". So I opened the project in Godot 2.1.5 in Linux and that's when the problem started.

I have 2 meshes in the project, one mesh for the player's ship and one mesh for the enemy's ship. I opened Godot and the problem was that the 2 textures for both ships were missing. I closed the project and I edited manually the scenes in a text editor with new textures' path. I opened it again and I don't remember if the textures were missing in the editor or not but it was missing when I played the project (the textures were black but the real ones have colors).

Then I deleted the ".tex" files, removed the diffuse texture for both player and enemy scenes. Removed all the references, saved all scenes and closed the project. I opened it again and imported the png files and assigned in the related materials. The editor then showed correctly the meshes and its textures but when I played it the textures was black again.

I don't have any idea why the textures stay black only when I play the game. And when I open the project again the textures were black in the editor too.

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Perhaps there was something else that had to be imported? A property of the meshes you didn't think about?

Sorry, I forgot to mention that when I deleted the texture files the meshes were visible in game. (But with no textures)

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