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If I have a number like 1234, how do I only pick 3?

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This question is very unclear. Do you want to pick a particular digit from a given 4-digit number? Does it have to be 4 digits, or can it be any number at all? Do you want to pick a random digit, or only the tens place? Please describe what you're trying to do in more detail.

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In the example you gave, you can get the digit you want doing something like this:

First, convert it to string, so you can get indexes:

var number = 1234
var nstr = str(number)

then, get the index you want (remember indexes start in 0), and convert it back to int:

var digit = int(nstr[2])

Then, do whatever you want with the digit:


That should print 3. I assume there are other ways. Is that what you wanted?

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Thank you very much

You are welcome. If this helped you, you may select it so others see its solved.

There is a way to do this backwards. The way the solution is now, it's counting like 1, 2, 3. There is a way to make it count like 4, 3

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