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i thinks that is posible reduce the godot system requeryments just by coding, because i hate opengl 2.0 and higer... im not on the probability of get a good GPU :( opengl 1.4 is my way.

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Unless you're a good C++ coder, the only solution would be to use Godot 1.0 which still had the gles1 renderer next to the gles2 one. You'd have to build from source yourself, and experiment with it to see if you can have it select the gles1 renderer (there might be a command line option for that if not done automatically).

If you are a good C++ coder, you could readd the drivers/gles1 folder from 1.0 in the current master branch or 2.0 branch, and try to tweak it to make it work with the recent Godot versions.

But the best solution is still to let OpenGL 1.4 go, and find a better GPU. I'm sure you can find GPUs with OpenGL 2.1+ support for $20.

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Mesa 3d GL is compatible with openglY and OpenglesY? If that is i could use it instead opengl 1.4

Yes, it's supposed to work on Windows but I have no clue how to install it, I fear you might need to build it from source if you want to test.

And keep in mind it will be much much slower than the other options as what you will be doing is using your CPU to do OpenGL and not the GPU. Mesa is not a magic software that a makes your GPU support newer OpenGL versions. It is a software renderer, but you will have OpenGL 4.5+ with it. On Ubuntu at least you can install it using sudo apt-get install libmesa or something like that... not really sure.

can i put the Dx Mode or Opengl Mode... or something like that?

i saw it happen automaticaly when i try to run a photoshop on win7 on sandbox using the ubuntu 14.04 lst, because the 14.04 lst. dont have the drivers for my intel HD 3000... it worked with opengl 4.1 a DX Program inside the sandbox, like runing win7 without drivers for Dx, just for OpenGL.

someone knows if its just a dual render engine on the photoshop with an alternative opengl one and a DX one, or i were using a Dx Program just with a "OpenGL mode"?

the idea is find some probability of change the GODOT render engine on a mesagl mode...

Pd: it happened inside the virtualbox, the virtual win7 were used on ubuntu 14.04 lst, without dx drivers... win7 turned on a "opengl mode" on photoshop because no where a GPU with DX.

Well thanks to all you, i decided, in order to use the gpu and not get all job on processor, ill use opengl 1.4... on a minimalist GODOT vertion.

God help me please D:!!!

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