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I have noticed this when testing my game in 3.1 beta 1, but I don't know if this is temporary or the performance will be like that.
The perfomance issue only happens on GLES2 for me, and is weird because I'm making a 2d game so I was expecting better performance than the GLES3.
But, if I run my project in the alpha it runs perfectly.

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and is weird because I'm making a 2d game so I was expecting better performance than the GLES3.

Unfortunately, it's more complicated than that. The GLES3 renderer has an higher baseline cost, but is able to do some things more efficiently due to additional APIs that are simply not available in GLES2.

That said, the performance issue you're seeing seems to be incurred by this fix which was done to fix tilemap flickering on some hardware.

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Yes, but there's a lot of people that use Godot 2 for the GLES2 renderer, and is bad, because most of them use low spec PC and are waiting at the 3.1 version to use new features , so what will happen with that people when they see that the GLES2 renderer in 3.1 is slower?

The particular fix I mentioned is no longer enabled by default, which should bring performance back to how it was in 3.1 alpha.

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