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Can I add hints for exported variables in the inspector?

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Why would you do that? You make exported variables in script. I don't see why you'd want to change it while not in the script editor, when you can already do that in the script.

What do you mean with "change it while now in the script editor". Or you miss understood what I meant with hints? I would like to add these hints that show up when you hover the variable. And I would like to do that because I have a few exported variables that interact with each other and I would like to put a reminder on that using hints, if possible.

Ah! I did misunderstand. I thought you meant the kind of hints you use when deciding how to edit the variable in the inspector.

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Welp. Hate to break it to you, but it seems that this feature doesn't exist yet. It was talked about 2 years ago in this issue.

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You can indicate the variable type when declaring the variable. For example if you indicate a var is a "Color", you'll get a picker in the editor. Not sure when this feature came about or if it suits your version though.

GDScript Exports

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He meant a tool tip (Text that appears when you hover over a property in the inspector).

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