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The documentation for Godot's method Rect2.abs() said: "Returns a Rect2 with equivalent position and area, modified so that the top-left corner is the origin and width and height are positive". But in the end, abs() doesn't change anything. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?

var square = Rect2(area.position, area.scale) # area is Node2D
print(area.name, square.position, square.abs().position)

What will be displayed:
Area1(400, 2500)(400, 2500)

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Hi, i asked on IRC and Akien explained me that that function does not move the Rect to the origin.

Rect2(0, 0, -100, 50).abs() should be Rect2(-100, 0, 100, 50)

What abs does it to take the Rect and transform it coordinates to positive taking left-top corner as the origin of the rect. It does not move Rect to origin. In fact, it does not move the rect, just make Rect sizes positive values.

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Oh, thanks. It seems i involuntary made a mush with another method

You are welcome!

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