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I'm fairly new to coding but I haven't had much trouble with Godot due to helpful old forum threads and documentation. I'm working on this project where I'd like to have the ability for players(for now just me and a couple friends) to add custom audio files to the game, to then be called up somehow (maybe via an array or something else) and then played randomly as the game goes on. My issue is i can't figure out how to have Godot generate a list of tracks from the user:// directory. I can't simply define the tracks in advance, because I want to be able to add audio files to the game's folder after I've exported the app and am running it as an app. Is this even possible? And if so, how would I go about it? Perhaps there is relevant documentation on functions and Godot features I can use to do this.

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I've figured it out. This video should help if you would like to know. (He goes into it around the middle)

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