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Hello, Im new to Godot and I was following the documentation to learn how to use Godot.
Im now here to the 3D section and unfortunately it seems that the FPS tutorial is only written in GDScript when in the 2D section I was able to switch the example code to C#.

Is there any plans to translate the GDScript to C# in the FPS tutorial section of the documentation ?

Thank you.

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No plan. In fact this tutorial is no longer maintained and was removed from recent versions of the docs: https://github.com/TwistedTwigleg/Godot_FPS_Tutorial#important-note---please-read

I do not have the resources to continue to maintain and support the
tutorial on my own, so because of this, Godot 3.2.3 is the last
version of Godot that this tutorial officially supports.

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