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Hi I recently download Godot 3.1 beta 3 and I loved it. I made a simple fps counter with a label and setting the text to 1/delta in gdscript. I get about 200fps on that scene. Doing the same thing in Godot 2.1, i get about 600fps. This is insane. I build .exe and then tested them afain and got same result. What is causing this? Why is the performance so different.
I really like Godot 3.1, but this is stopping me.

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Sorry , but that not way to test

Did you put many physics bodies, or build huge world

Try using the engine in actual game and then you can judge on godot

I used it for 2d i find it stable on pc , but not in 3d


Try using the fps monitor under the debugger tab (where the console is). This way you make sure updating the label and what not is not causing any drop. On an empty scene I get around 4200 fps with a GTX980 and a Xeon e3 1230 at 1024x600 resolution.

Try using the GLES2 renderer instead of GLES3 as well (you can change it in the top-right corner of the editor).

That said, keep in mind 3.1 offers much more features than 2.1, so it's probably bound to run slower in some cases.

If anyone stumbles upon this, I think it will be fixed by this pr

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