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I am making a character in c++ and I want to have its camera's methods visible in the property inspector, like it would if I did this:

class Character : public Camera {
    OBJ_TYPE(Character, Camera)

I don't want my Character to inherent from Camera though (currently inherits from Spatial). Is there any way I could add something under void _bind_methods(), or void register_character_types() that could expose my camera to the inspector?

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Maybe just do get_camera?

I want these properties:

enter image description here
under a custom c++ node without inheriting from the Class Camera in my CustomCharacterClass, which would make my CustomCharacterNode a Camera as well, but instead make a c++ object of Class Camera like-> Camera CharacterCamera;. Is there a way to expose this c++ object of class Camera and its properties to the inspector?

I don't really have anything in them yet, but here is my current code for the header file:


#include "scene/3d/visual_instance.h"
#include "scene/3d/camera.h"
#include "scene/3d/mesh_instance.h"

class CharacterFPS : public Spatial{
    OBJ_TYPE(CharacterFPS, Spatial)

    static void _bind_methods();

    friend class Camera;

    Camera *FPS_Camera;
    MeshInstance *CharacterMesh;





and my corresponding cpp file:

#include "CharacterFPS.h"

void CharacterFPS::_bind_methods() {


CharacterFPS::CharacterFPS() {


CharacterFPS::~CharacterFPS() {

I plan to put everything I would need for future fps games in this custom node, so I don't have to copy and re-edit everything from project to project.

Iam very interested in your approach how you create
your FPS Controller in C++
Do you want to share some knowledge?
Please take a look to my question here in the Q&A-Forum:
thank you in advance if you can help me

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