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I created a single image file (PNG file) with some characters using photoshop.
However, after that, I do not know how to create "Bitmap font" using image files.

How to make "Bitmap font" ?
Please help me.

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you can create it with BMFont http://www.angelcode.com/products/bmfont/

  1. create bitmapfont (.png, .fnt) with .ttf
  2. use image editor if you need.
  3. copy it to godot project
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Thank you for your answer, volzhs.
I am sorry for my lack of explanation.
I want to know how to set it with godot engine.

I tried the following things:
1. I installed the Bitmap Font Generator.
2. I set Export Options / Textures to png.
3. When saving with "Save bitmap font as", two files (png file and fnt
file) were created.
4. Then I put the two files in "res: //" on a project on Godot Engine.

After this, I do not know how to set it to display Bitmap font in Godot Engine. :’-(

By using the Custom Fonts property of Label node, I could use Bitmap Font!
Thank you for your advice, volzhs! XD

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