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I have followed these instructions for using Leap Motion with Godot but I can't get the 3d meshes in the scene (hand) to respond to the sensor:

I have the Leap SDK installed and have tested the device with a C++ framework showing that the device works.

With Godot I've installed the Leap Motion asset library and loaded a scene that comes with the asset, added a camera into the scene; but running it shows the unresponsive scene hand meshes (spheres and cylinders). The 3 x leap IR LEDs are glowing and flashing while running the scene, showing that the device works. I have also repeated this on Windows and a Mac with the same results.

Has anyone been able to get it to work? I guess I'm doing something wrong.



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The LeapMotion asset only works on Windows x64. This is why I couldn't use it on my Mac.

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