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I'm absolutely new to Escoria so I'm trying to follow the Floss tutorial and after some time reading the docs I managed to make the escene and put the panda and the bad bamboo. Now, for some weird reason there are no tooltip messages at all, not when doing a mouse over or the talk actions, I know the hit areas are correct because the bamboo's sprite changes when I'm over and the output messages appear. But I have no idea why the tooltips are not working.
Thanks in advance!

EDIT: Maybe it will be clearer if I attach some images of the project, so here they come:

This is the general view of the project

The inspector section of one of the items that should show a tooltip message

and the output window that shows that the enter and out events are indeed working

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I've the same problem.
Escoria branch 3.1 with godot 3.1
PLUS: try to enable the "tootltips follow mouse" option give me an error and crash game.

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