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wondering when i create sprites, they look bright, in the actual picture, they are dark, but when i import them in they are dark, when i drop the sprite picture into the object of either 3d or 2d texture, it turns bright, why? how can i change it to darken the image or revert back to image color?

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Can you post a picture of what you're describing? It's hard to tell what you are seeing.

no prob, sorry, but how would i upload the images to this place? do i need to post them at a site and THEN copy the url? i cant upload pics to here :(

That's correct, you can't upload images here. Use imgur or something like that.

gotya thank you, k, so i believe i may have found the issue, which is in another post:

however, i am not sure where to find this SRGB setting, does anyone by chance know where that is on either the node or sprite?

hey, the image looks something like this:

enter image description here

as you can see the character looks bright, yet the actual image should be much darker. i posted earlier there was a similar issue, but the person said to change the setting on sRGB, but doesn't specify where on GODOT. please any help would be great.

How does it look in the game?

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SRGB is an import setting. Select the option and click "Reimport":

enter image description here

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It should be set to "enable" if you're not sure.

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